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How Virtual Credit Cards Can Benefit Your Business

As a business owner, you’ve taken precautions to protect your company physically. You’ve installed security systems and issued photo badges to your employees. But are you doing enough to protect your assets virtually? Many businesses are left vulnerable to cyber criminals and theft simply because they don’t understand the tools available to them. An online virtual debit card is just one of the many ways you can keep your accounts safe and prevent theft.

What Are Virtual Debit Cards?

In an effort to keep business accounts and business owners protected, virtual debit cards are often issued in conjunction with physical cards. Instead of using physical cards to provide the number for online purchases, randomly generated numbers that are associated with a company’s debit card are used. These numbers are processed the same way that a normal credit card is processed, without the actual card number being used. Along with the security features, there are a number of different reasons why companies are choosing to use virtual debit cards.

Prepaid card 2Stellar Security Features

It’s estimated that fraud will cost businesses more than 30 billion dollars in the upcoming years. With new phishing techniques hitting the market constantly, it’s imperative to protect your assets. A virtual debit card eliminates the risk of credit card fraud. Because the virtual card number is randomly changing, there’s no way for cyber criminals to link it back to your business account. You don’t have to worry about identity theft or unauthorized charges. With protective features like this, you can’t afford to use anything but a virtual debit card.

Rewards and Rebates

If you spent a lot on your corporate credit cards, it’s time they started paying you. As with many traditional credit cards, virtual debit cards are packed with rewards if you use them right. Most virtual debit cards offer cash-back options that will actually make your company money. The more frequently you use your virtual card, the more you’ll rack up in cash-back. Whether you use that extra money to invest in more cyber protection or to put into the company’s party fund, who doesn’t love free money?

Easy Integration

Many business owners hesitate to use virtual debit cards simply because they are under the impression that they’re difficult to track and integrate into their financial system. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The purpose of virtual debit cards is to make your life easier, not harder. Because of this, these cards have been designed to fully integrate into your financial system. With the push of a button, you can approve payments and update your accounts payable system. Staying on top of your financials has never been easier!

Available for Pre-Paid CardsDebit card 3

As a way to protect themselves even further, many companies are choosing to issue prepaid cards to their employees. These cards can be used just as a traditional credit or debit card, but contains a set limit of funds that have already been loaded onto the account. The benefit of a prepaid card is that it’s not tied to a high credit limit or checking account. However, if hacked, cyber criminals are still able to retrieve the prepaid funds from the card. By using a combination of these two security systems, protecting your funds and your company is simple.

Easy to Use

Using a virtual debit card is just as easy as using your typical credit card. When ordering from online vendors, simply type in your issued (virtual debit card number) and the pertaining information, and the payment will be processed immediately. There’s no need to worry about linking your account or compromising your finances.


No matter which industry you’re in, virtual debit cards are a must. These untraceable numbers add a level of protection to your online purchases and finances that is unparalleled. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to cyber theft. Enroll in a virtual debit card solution now!

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