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Who Accepts Carcareone Credit Card?

Where can I get a carcareone credit card?

  • Other retailers include Chevron, Pep Boys and Continental Tire. A list of retailers is available on Synchrony Financial’s CarCareONE website. More than 22,000 participating care service retailer locations throughout the United States accept the CarCareONE credit card, states Synchrony Financial.

Can You Use Discount Tire credit card anywhere?

You can use a Discount Tire credit card at any of the 200,000 gas stations and repair shops that are part of the Synchrony Car Care Network. You can only use the card for gas, repairs and in-store purchases at its affiliated retailers nationwide.

Where can I use my car care card?

According to Synchrony’s website, the Synchrony Car Care card is accepted at over 500,000 auto parts and service businesses and over 200,000 gas stations nationwide. The card’s main selling point is that it offers 6 months of promotional financing on purchases of $199 or more every day.

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Can I use my synchrony Car Care Card at Walmart?

Yes, you can use your CareCredit credit card for qualifying, in-store purchases at all Walmart Store locations, including Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets, across the United States (does not include Gas Stations or Search for your nearest location here.

Where can I use my Discount Tire Rebate Card?

You can use your Discount Tire credit card at quite a lot of places, but it’s only for gas, minor repairs and in-store purchases at its affiliated retailers nationwide. It’s included in the Car Care network and it’s accepted at over 200,000 gas stations nationwide.

What bank does Discount Tire use?

For any questions regarding your account contact Synchrony Bank at (866)396-8254.

Does Walgreens accept CareCredit?

Yes, you can use your CareCredit credit card at all Walgreens and Duane Reade locations across the United States. To pay, simply swipe or insert your card as you would any other credit card.

Can I use my CareCredit card to rent a car?

So, you can use your card when you need to rent a car and keep all your auto expenses in one place. With acceptance at more than 1 MILLION auto merchants nationwide including parts, repair, gas, services and more, you can find the auto services you need.

Can CareCredit be used anywhere?

No, like any other credit card, as long as you are in good standing and you have available credit, you can use your CareCredit healthcare credit card anywhere the card is accepted.

Does Napa take synchrony Car Care?

** Subject to credit approval. Valid everywhere Synchrony Care Care™ is accepted in the U.S., including Puerto Rico. ^ For New Accounts: Purchase APR is 29.99%.

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Does Lowes take synchrony home card?

Lowe’s uses synchrony, so yes you can. I have the home credit card and I used my on 10/10/2019 to buy an LG refrigerator. You can buy anything that’s for your home.

Can CareCredit be used at CVS?

CVS does not accept Care Credit cards at any of their locations as of 2021. CVS customers cannot use Care Credit for prescriptions, or any other health and wellness purchases made in-store or online. Alternatively, Care Credit can be used by several other retailers for purchases, but not at CVS at this time.

Can I use my Firestone credit card at Discount Tire?

No. You cannot use your Firestone credit card anywhere. The Firestone credit card was designed specifically for use at Firestone locations, so it can only be used there.

Where can I use my synchrony card for gas?

Accepted at over 25,000 gas stations and auto service centers nationwide including Exxon and Mobil, Chevron and Texaco.

How long do Discount Tire rebates take?

Rebate Details: Allow up to 4 weeks after submission for the delivery of your prepaid card.

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