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How To Pay Credit Card Bill With Debit Card? (Solution found)

Is it better to pay with credit or debit cards?

  • If you’re using a credit card to live beyond your means, or to pay for everyday purchases because you can’t otherwise afford them, you may be better served using a debit card.

Can you pay off a credit card with another debit card?

No, you cannot pay a credit card with a debit card. But you can a pay a credit card with the bank account that a debit card is linked to, by doing an electronic transfer. That’s among the reasons why you can’t pay one credit card’s bill with another credit card, either.

How do I pay my credit card bill with a debit card in cred?

Log in to your CRED account through the app. Under the ‘Cards’ tab, choose the card/cards whose bill you wish to pay. The bill amount as well as minimum due etc. will be displayed on-screen. Click on ‘ Pay Now ‘ and enter the amount you wish to pay.

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Can you pay bills online with a debit card?

If you’re paying for something online, you can typically use your debit card just like a credit card. You don’t need to specify that you want to use a debit card (just select the “pay with credit card” option). Then, type in the 16-digit number on the front of your debit card.

How can I pay my credit card bill from another bank?

3 easy methods of paying your credit card bill from another bank account

  1. Highlights.
  2. Use net banking via a third-party platform.
  3. Use NEFT to pay your bill by making the card as payee.
  4. For IMPS, the MMID and the IFSC code methods may be used.
  5. Pay SuperCard bill via the app, NACH, NEFT, net banking.

Why can’t I pay credit card with debit?

Most of the banks allow you to visit their bank ATMs to make credit card payment of their own credit cards. However, you cannot use a debit of one bank to pay credit card bill of another bank. And unlike ATM cash withdrawals, credit card payments must be done at the respective bank ATMs not at any other bank ATMs.

How can I pay my credit card without a physical card?

How To Make Purchases Online Without a Credit Card

  1. Use a Debit Card for Online Shopping.
  2. Shop With Prepaid Cards.
  3. Pay With Gift Cards or Store Credit.
  4. Redeem Amazon Cash.
  5. Check Out With PayPal or Other Merchant Accounts.
  6. Carry a Digital Wallet.
  7. Buy With Cryptocurrencies.
  8. Use Your Checking Account.

Can I pay credit card through CRED?

CRED offers an easy and quick payment process to make credit card bill payments. you can make payment using a debit card, net banking, or via UPI. undoubtedly and to reward you, CRED first-time users get instant ₹200 cash-back on bill payment.

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How do I pay with CRED?

How it works

  1. Opens Website/App. Is directed to your website/App.
  2. Confirms payment method. Initiates a payment & chooses ‘CRED Pay’ payment option.
  3. Unlocks your Offer. Uses CRED coins to unlock your offer.
  4. Confirms payment details. Completes payment with credit card.

How do I pay my credit card bills offline?

Pay credit card bill offline through ATM

  1. Visit the nearest ATM of the bank whose credit card you have.
  2. Insert your debit card.
  3. After you enter the pin, choose services, bill payment and choose credit card bill payment.
  4. Enter your 16-digit credit card number.
  5. You can now view the total bill and the minimum amount due.

Why can’t I pay online with my debit card?

If you haven’t used your debit card for online/contactless payments for a long time, then it could be de-activated by your bank. Leading private sector banks have started disabling the payment feature in unused cards. The move, they say, is in compliance with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines.

Why can’t I pay with my debit card online?

Extra Tips to Fix Credit/ Debit Card Online Transaction Failures. Check the entered card information – the number, expiry date, and CVV should be correct. Make sure you’re using the right card type- using a debit card on a credit card terminal or a domestic Rupay card for international payment won’t work.

Is it safe to buy online with debit card?

When paying by debit card, the money comes directly out of your bank account. It’s like taking out cash and handing it over – but safer, because the card is easy to cancel if it’s lost or stolen. You’ll also get a little bit of fraud protection – although not as much as you get with a credit card.

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How do I pay my credit card online with another bank?

Pay Your Credit Card Bill From Another Bank

  1. Step 1 – Go to Credit Card Issuer’s Bill Desk. Almost every major bank has an online portal to make a credit card bill payment from another bank’s savings account.
  2. Step 2 – Fill all Required Details.
  3. Step 3 – Your Credit Card is Almost Paid!

How do I make a payment on my card to card?

If a balance transfer is not your option, you can make a credit card bill payment with cash.

  1. Use the credit card you want to make payment with to withdraw the required amount from an ATM.
  2. Next, deposit the cash in your checking account.
  3. Make the bill payment with the money.

How can I pay my credit card bill with account number?

Click the ‘IMPS’ button and choose the ‘Merchant Payment’ button. Furnish the necessary financial details such as MMID, the contact number of billers, and your bank account from which funds are transferred, the billing amount, and your credit card number. Finally, hit the ‘confirm’ button.

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