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How To Pay Costco Credit Card? (Correct answer)

What credit cards does Costco accept?

  • Chase Freedom Flex℠
  • Citi® Double Cash Card
  • Citi Rewards+® Card
  • Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card
  • Discover it® Cash Back
  • Discover it® chrome

How do I pay my Citi Costco card online?

Here’s how to make a Costco Credit Card payment: Sign into your account on the Citibank website. Click the “Payments” tab, select “Make A Payment,” and choose a payment to use to complete the transaction.

Can I pay Costco credit card bill at Costco?

No, you cannot pay your Costco Credit Card at Costco. Costco Credit Card payments must be made directly to Citibank.

Can I pay my Costco credit card at Citibank?

Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi: Consumer cards: 1-855-378-6467.

How can I pay my Citibank credit card bill?

You can pay your Citibank credit card bill online, where you can make a one-time payment or set up a monthly automatic payment. You can also call 1 (800) 950-5114 to pay your Citicard’s bill by phone, or you can send your payment by mail.

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How do I pay my Costco Mastercard?

You can pay your Costco Citi credit card bill by phone by calling 855-378-6467. Have your credit card number handy, because the automated pay-by-phone service might request it. You will also need your bank’s routing number and your checking account number to schedule the Costco Citi card payment.

Can I make a payment at Costco?

What payment methods are accepted at Costco? U.S. Costco warehouse locations accept: All Visa Cards The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi Most PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards Costco Shop Cards* Cash Personal checks from

How do I check the balance on my Costco credit card?

Here’s how:

  1. Visit the homepage, and find Costco Shop Card Balance (located near the bottom).
  2. Enter your Costco Shop Card number. This number can be found on the back of your Costco Shop Card.
  3. Type in the four-digit PIN, which is also located on the back of your Costco Shop Card.
  4. Select the “Check Balance” button.

How do I pay my Costco membership fee?

You may remit your renewal fee by mail, online at, or at any warehouse. Costco members may charge their membership fees automatically on any Visa ® credit/debit card or Mastercard debit card.

Why does Costco not accept Mastercard?

Only Visa® Network Credit Cards Are Accepted at Costco More expansively, Costco has an exclusive contract with Visa that prohibits the use of any other credit card networks, including Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Visa only processes the transactions — the issuing bank does everything else.

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Can I pay visa at Costco?

Visa credit cards are not accepted at the warehouse. You can use your Visa credit card to buy Costco Shop Cards at The Costco Shop Cards can be used at the warehouse, gas stations, or even online.

Is there an app for Costco Citi card?

Citi Mobile App for Android Enjoy banking on your Android smartphone. Control and convenience, all at your fingertip.

What credit score do you need for Costco Citi?

You must have excellent credit to get approved for the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi. That generally means a credit score of 720 or above. Is the Costco Anywhere Visa the best credit card for gas? If you want rewards that are more flexible than Costco rewards, see our top picks for best gas credit cards.

How do I pay my Citibank credit card bill automatically?

Go to the Citi cards account center and enter your online login information. Click on the “payments and transfers” tab and then choose the “ manage autopay” option. Click the “enroll” option next to the account to which you want auto-payments credited. Enter in your bank account number and routing number for payments.

How can I pay my Citibank credit card through GCash?

Pay for your Citi credit card dues via GCash.

  1. Open the GCash app and enter your 4 digit MPIN.
  2. Select Pay Bills.
  3. Choose Credit Cards under Biller categories.
  4. Choose Citibank MC/Visa from the list of accredited banks.
  5. Enter credit card number and amount to be paid.
  6. Review payment details.
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Can I pay my Citibank credit card bill online?

Go to Citibank’s online banking portal. Select ‘E-pay’. Add your credit card number and the transaction amount. Confirm the payment.

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