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How To Get Approved For A Macy’s Credit Card?

You need good or excellent credit (700 or higher) to get the Macy’s Amex, and at least fair credit (640 or higher) to get the Macy’s Store Card.

  • Getting approved for a Macy’s Card requires a little planning. Most credit card offers require very good credit. When applying for new credit, it’s important to know your credit scores and what’s on your credit reports. Credit card issuers want to see a strong credit history, steady income, and low credit utilization.

Can I get a Macy’s credit card with bad credit?

The Macy’s Credit Card is considered to be a relatively easy card to obtain, with flexible credit requirements that make it a potential win for even those with poor credit. You can apply for a Macy’s card in your local store or by using the easy online application.

How long does it take to get approved for Macy’s credit card?

Wait 7 to 10 days. On average, it takes 7 to 10 days for an application to be processed. You will usually get a letter or e-mail letting you know that your application was accepted. Your card should arrive shortly thereafter. Macy’s store cards are somewhat harder to obtain that most store credit cards.

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What bank does Macy’s credit use?

The Macy’s Credit Card is issued by Department Stores National Bank, a subsidiary of Citibank. Since Macy’s is a department store, it doesn’t have a banking license. That’s why it partnered with DSN Bank to issue its credit cards.

How much is Macy’s credit card limit?

Most cardholders report Macy’s card credit limits ranging from $500 to $2,500. In general, credit card limits vary, based on three main factors: your credit score, your income and your current credit utilization ratio.

What is the minimum credit score for a Macy credit card?

You need good or excellent credit (700 or higher) to get the Macy’s Amex, and at least fair credit (640 or higher) to get the Macy’s Store Card.

Does Macy’s credit card do a hard pull?

Yes, the Macy’s Store Card will do a hard pull. You will need a credit score of 640+ to get it. This means that the Macy’s Store Card requires fair credit, which is on par with what most store cards require.

Can I use my Macy’s credit card anywhere?

The Macy’s American Express® Card can be used anywhere American Express is accepted. But the Macy’s Card is a closed-loop credit card that can be used only at Macy’s, Macy’s Backstage and online at If you qualify for both cards, you get to decide which one you want to open.

Is Macy’s credit card by Citibank?

The Macy’s Credit Card is powered by Citibank, and you can now apply for the card online. If you’re looking for a Macy’s rewards card that can be used anywhere, consider getting the Macy’s American Express Card.

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What are the different levels of Macy’s credit cards?

Both Macy’s credit cards delineate consumers into three categories — Silver, Gold and Platinum. The tiers are determined by the amount of money you spend at Macy’s annually. Macy’s credit card rewards

  • Silver: $1 to $499.
  • Gold: $500 to $1,199.
  • Platinum: $1,200 or more.

Is a Macy’s card a credit card?

The Macy’s Credit Card is a store credit card that can only be used at Macy’s. It offers discounts and offers for cardholders, and provides more benefits the more you spend. You can apply for this card online or by visiting a Macy’s store.

What is the minimum credit score for a Target card?

You’ll need to have at least fair or average credit — a credit score over 580 — to qualify for the Target RedCard™. Since it’s a closed-loop store card (only good at Target), it may be easier to qualify for than a typical credit card.

Can I use Macy’s credit card online?

There are many online payment options that you can use at Checkout for your purchases, including Macy’s Card, Macy’s American Express Card, third-party credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), PayPal, Macy’s Gift Cards/E-Gift Cards and third-party gift cards.

Who owns Macy’s credit card?

Department Stores National Bank (“DSNB”) is the issuer of the Macy’s Store Card. For each account with a balance, a minimum payment will be required and you may incur a late fee if you fail to make any required minimum payment on time. The Macy’s Store Card may only be used to make purchases at Macy’s and

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How do I check my Macy’s credit card application status?

How to Check Your Macy’s Credit Card Application Status

  1. Call (888) 257-6757.
  2. Follow the automated prompts that lead to an application status check, or connect with a representative and tell them you’d like to check your Macy’s Credit Card application status.
  3. Give your name and Social Security number when asked.
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