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How To Accept Credit Card Payments Without A Merchant Account? (Best solution)

Without a merchant account, you can accept credit cards the way many modern businesses do: with a payment service provider. Payment service providers (PSPs) like PayPal, Square, Stripe and the like make this process a lot easier and, in many cases, cheaper than it used to be.6

How to accept credit card payments for Your Small Business?

  • Decide How You’ll Accept Credit Card Payments. First,decide how you’ll allow your clients to pay by credit card.
  • Choose a Merchant Service Provider. Once you know how you’ll process client credit card payments,you’ll need to choose a merchant service provider.
  • Open a Merchant Account.

How can I accept credit card payments without a business account?

PayPal. PayPal is one of the top options for taking card payments without a merchant account. The online payment service provides plenty of business solutions, enabling people to accept a variety of payment methods. You can connect PayPal to an eCommerce platform or a website by invoicing customers.

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How can I accept payment online without a merchant account?

Square POS Its payment platform allows you to accept credit card payments (as well as other payment types) without a merchant account. You can accept payments in-person with a terminal and online with a website-embedded checkout or recurring invoices.

How can I take credit card payments without a machine?

How to Take Payments Without a Credit Card Machine

  1. Paypal. PayPal is a digital payment service that makes online money transfers and serves as a digital substitute for traditional paperwork methods including checks and bills.
  2. Beepaid.
  3. Skrill.
  4. Stripe.
  5. GoCardless.
  6. SecurePay.
  7. Amazon Pay.

Can you accept credit card payments through Transferwise?

How Transferwise Works. This is the part that makes Transferwise noteworthy when it comes to points-earning – they accept funding of your transfers by Visa and MasterCard in certain regions, including Australia.

Can I get payment gateway without registration?

Yes! You can sign up for the Starter Plan with your personal PAN.

How can I accept payments without a website?


  1. Simple Invoicing – Hosted payment links and the merchant account provided through.
  2. Stripe +
  3. Merchant Account Hosted Payment Page.
  4. Virtual terminal with Phone Orders.
  5. Leadpages + Stripe.
  6. ThriveCart + + Merchant Account.
  7. 1- Infusionsoft + NMI + Merchant Account Infusionsoft.

How do I accept credit card payments?

How to accept credit card payments

  1. Find a credit card processing provider for your small business.
  2. Open a merchant account.
  3. Set up payment terminals.
  4. In-person payments.
  5. Online payments.
  6. Over-the-phone payments.
  7. Average credit card network processing fees.
  8. PayPal.

How can I accept payments without a bank account?

How to Send Money to Someone Without a Bank Account

  1. Money Order. Money orders work a bit like checks.
  2. Walmart-to-Walmart.
  3. Western Union.
  4. PayPal.
  5. Venmo.
  6. Square Cash.
  7. Prepaid Debit Cards.
  8. Google Wallet.
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Do I need a business account to take card payments?

If you don’t have your own merchant account, you can still process card payments using a payment facilitator service (also known as an aggregated merchant account). Instead, many different businesses will all process their transactions through one merchant account. This is typical of services such as Paypal.

How can I accept credit card payments over the phone?

How to accept credit card payments on your phone

  1. Own a business.
  2. Pick a mobile device.
  3. Pick a credit card processing company.
  4. Secure your device.
  5. Set up shop.
  6. Promote your new mobile credit card payment option.

Can you accept credit cards with venmo?

It’s possible to use a credit card on Venmo, but you’ll face a few restrictions. Another big difference to keep in mind is that you’ll pay a 3% fee to send money on Venmo using your credit card. That’s in contrast to using your bank account, debit card or Venmo balance, which is totally free.

How do I add a credit card to TransferWise?

How can I pay with a new card?

  1. Set up a transfer as you normally would.
  2. At the final step, choose Add a new card.
  3. Enter the new card details.

Is TransferWise a payment service provider?

On 13 April 2018, the first non-bank payment service provider (PSP) joined a UK payment system settling in central bank money. TransferWise, a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-regulated PSP facilitating the international transfer of payments, is now a direct participant in the UK’s Faster Payments system.

How do I transfer money to my TransferWise card?

Add money to your Wise account To pay with your card, you’ll need money in your Wise account. Add money by opening the Wise app, choosing the currency you’d like to add money to, and how much you’d like to add. Then, choose to pay using different payment methods like bank transfer or card.

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