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How Can I Pay My Walmart Credit Card? (Best solution)

You can pay your Walmart Credit Card online, via the Capital One app, by phone at (877) 383-4802, by mail, or in person at a Walmart location. The same payment methods apply to the Walmart® Store Card, too.

Where can I pay my Walmart credit card?

Payment Options With Walmart Credit Cards Payments can be made in any Walmart location at the customer service desk. If a consumer is also a Sam’s Club member, they can pay at any Sam’s Club location. Payments made in the store post to a consumer’s credit card account within 48 hours.

How do I pay my Walmart credit card by phone?

Make a Payment by Phone You can also make your Walmart credit card payment over the phone by calling the Capital One customer service number at 877-294-7880. The service is free if you opt for the automated system.

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How do I pay my Walmart MasterCard from the bank?

If it’s your first time logging into your account, you’ll need to click the “register” button. Enter your card number and zip code. Navigate to the bill pay section. Enter the credentials for the bank account you’d like your card to be paid from.

Can I make cash payment to my Walmart credit card in store?

Cardholders can pay their Walmart credit card bill in store at any Walmart by visiting the customer service desk during regular business hours. Walmart accepts debit cards, cash, checks, and money orders for in-store credit card payments, for both the Walmart Mastercard and the Walmart Store Card.

Can you pay Walmart Walmart card at Capital One?

Yes, you can pay any Capital One credit card bill at Walmart.

What forms of payment does Walmart accept?

Besides the credit cards and Walmart store cards above, Walmart also accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Most PIN-based debit/ATM cards;
  • PayPal;
  • Walmart Gift Cards and eGift Cards;
  • Cash;
  • EBT;
  • Chase Pay;
  • Amex Express Checkout;
  • Affirm Installment Financing.

Can I pay my Walmart bill online?

To pay a Walmart® Store Card bill online, log into the Capital One Walmart portal, click the “Make a Payment” button, and choose your payment date and amount. Choose or add your bank account and routing number to fund your payment. You can also set up recurring payments.

Does Walmart take payments over the phone?

Use your phone to pay quickly, easily, & touch-free at checkout. Leave your wallet behind—the Walmart app is all you need to pay touch-free with Walmart Pay. Walmart Pay can use credit, debit, or gift cards saved to your Walmart account.

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How do I log into my Walmart credit card account?

Log in with your new Walmart Credit Card credentials. From the login page on the Capital One website or mobile app, fill out the Username and Password fields using your new credentials, and click “Sign In” to access your account.

How do I check my Walmart Mastercard balance online?

Access your account online at a any time to access your Walmart Reward Mastercard account (where you can view your balance, statements, transaction history and more).

How do I check the balance on my Walmart card?

Call 1-888-537-5503 to check balance. You can check your Walmart gift card balance at any Walmart store location, or by going online:

  1. Check your Walmart gift card balance on Walmart’s gift card balance page at
  2. Enter the card number and PIN code.
  3. Select “Get Card Balance”.

Does Walmart Mastercard have an app?

The Walmart credit card is a Capital One card, so you can use the Capital One mobile app for iOS and Android to access your account. You will be able to pay your bill, view your balance and transactions anywhere, anytime.

Where can I pay my credit one bill?

You can mail payments to: Credit One Bank, Payment Services, P.O. Box 60500, City of Industry, CA 91716-0500.

Can you pay a credit card bill with a debit card?

No, you cannot pay a credit card with a debit card. But you can a pay a credit card with the bank account that a debit card is linked to, by doing an electronic transfer. You can also set up automatic bill payment, so that on the same date each month, money is withdrawn from your account to pay your credit card bill.

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How long does it take for a Walmart credit card payment to process?

A Walmart Credit Card payment generally posts within 2 business days. If a payment is submitted by 8 p.m., ET (Monday-Saturday), it will be posted by midnight on the same day it’s received.

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