Payment & Prepaid Card Solutions

It seems that the business world operates at the speed of light these days. With dealings around the world, made possible by an ever-improving digital network, companies need reliable ways to efficiently process payments. MyChoice Preferred payment services are the solution. MyChoice Preferred offers prepaid card solutions that help move your business to the next level. Find out what these great solutions can do for you.

Go cashless with instant, automated digital payments
Save time and money with a streamlined, affordable card program
Make payments faster, improving payee satisfaction
Make payments anytime, anywhere and get back to business fast

What is MyChoice Preferred?

MyChoice Preferred prepaid card solution allows businesses to streamline commission, business, incentives, travel payments, and control expenditures with enhanced convenience, flexibility and security.

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MyChoice Preferred prepaid card solutions offer the most convenient way to handle business transactions, from everyday expenses like office supply purchases and business lunches to monthly accounts payable expenses.


Open a MyChoice Preferred prepaid card account to offer employees cards for business travel, offsite sales, client meetings and more.


MyChoice Preferred also saves you time with online payment solutions. Do not lose any more time printing, stamping, and signing checks or visiting your bank to make inconvenient payments.

MyChoice Preferred at a Glance


The most efficient and secure way to make commission, incentive, reimbursement and travel payments.

Travel Expense Card

Give employees the security and purchasing power of Mastercard

Corporate Card

Simplify and streamline your corporate expenditures

Incentive Card

Pay commissions and incentives to employees and agents

Purchase Card

Make instant payments to your suppliers and vendors